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Sunrise w no make up but a hell of a lot of Deet on in #Yangon #Myanmar. Ready for home

You look great Paula. Xoxo

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I’m seriously thinking of adopting 😍#Myanmar #InleLake

You’d make a great mother Paula

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I want that shirt

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No words

Rest in peace, Robin Williams

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I’m @CinchJeans w @chrisparente getting outfitted for @CheFrontierDays #Cheyenne #frontierdays #westernstyle #beforepic!! (at Cinch Outlet Store)

Looming good

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the #sonsofgratitude 3000 mile great summer #motorcycle tour of ❤️ 2014 has begun! I❤️myguy & his buds! go get em’ #sog @JoshPence @kaibrown @the_josher_p #marty #albumcover

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I’m funny.

Yes. You are very funny

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My nephew’s dog, Ashley